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FIFA President J. Blatter


Jun 27, 2011

The third category exam is passed!

On June, 27th, 2011 the small arena of the “Sheriff” sports complex passed the UEFA attestation on awarding it the third category from fourth possible. The Georgian UEFA delegate who represents stadiums safety and structure department David Petriashvili came in Tiraspol on June, 7th, and he was pleased of what he saw.

The European football union functionary, in common with the Federation of Football of Moldova representatives: Mikhail Angelov (the first vice-president of the Federation of Football of Moldova), and Irina Tataru (the secretary of sports bases committee) who are responsible for stadium licensing, inspected new playing field of reconstructed stadium thoroughly, sitting places of team reserves, seats on tribunes, and only than the delegation began to inspect under tribune premises.

David Petriashvili, the UEFA delegateSports complex visitors inspected both dressing-rooms of teams, men and women referee’s rooms, and also office and room of UEFA delegate. The commission paid special attention to inspecting of doping-control room, TV-studio, places for the press, working places of operators and commentators. All delegation members noted the spacious press-conference hall, meeting room and the mass media working room which are fully satisfied UEFA requirements and recommendations equally with other premises. Strict commission drew attention on VIP-boxes, buffets and lavatories.


As a result of inspection, Mr. Petriashvili sent to UEFA detailed report about seen in the same evening.

According to this report the certifying commission gave the third UEFA category to the small arena of the “Sheriff” sports complex which allows playing qualification Europa League and Champions League matches.


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