"I hope “Sheriff” will achieve big successes in European club tournaments one day"

FIFA President J. Blatter

General information


Every year the highest class football tournaments take place at the “Sheriff” sports complex. Traditionally, during school vacations, 4 times a year the sports complex receives children of all ages of such famous clubs as:

Matches of child’s youthful tournaments are playing on the high professional on the covered arena of the sports complex or on training fields that are in close proximity to dwelling complex where all newly arrived teams are settled. Besides football tournaments the sports complex has possibility to organize tournaments on such sports as:  indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, handball with more than 200 participants.

Perfect dwelling conditions in numbers with all conveniences, meals considering dietary habits of sportsmen, high level of material support and professional service – these are main distinctive features of tournaments holding at the “Sheriff” sports complex.


For detailed information apply directly to the manager-coordinator of the “Sheriff” sports complex:
tel: +373 533 63-410, e-mail: coord@sheriff-sport.com


“Sheriff” sports complex is always welcomes it’s guests!




The contact information

тел:   +373 533 63-530
факс: +373 533 63-541

e-mail: office@fc-sheriff.com
tennis: +737 (533) 63-777
pool:   +737 (533) 63-888