"I hope “Sheriff” will achieve big successes in European club tournaments one day"

FIFA President J. Blatter


General information

Tennis courts

In the neighborhood with training fields, for big tennis lovers, there is up-to-date tennis club, built considering international requirements and standards. Playing tennis ground consists of four opened full-sized courts with all-weather artificial surface, analogs of which exist neither in Transnistria, nor in Moldova.

The SC "Sheriff" tennis courts The SC "Sheriff" tennis courts

Tennis courts are projected so, that the sun is in the north-western corner of a playground during main period of playing time. Thus, the sun passes directly on net line within summer months that is optimal for sportsmen to perceive tennis court. Every court of the “Sheriff” tennis club has standard court inclination, about 1 %. This allows providing an effective surface drainage of all tennis courts.

During winter period sportsmen train on covered heated court equipped with all necessary stock, beginning from racks for tennis, net and referee’s tower, and ending with tennis rackets, сarts for balls and tennis balls themselves.

Continuous year-round teaching-training process in the “Sheriff” tennis club is organized. Tiraspol inhabitants and town guests have an excellent possibility to visit group tennis lessons in the “Sheriff” tennis club. The “Sheriff” tennis club assigns a personal trainer, if individual work is needed. Both, adults and children, can go in for big tennis in the “Sheriff” tennis club. The admission of children in big tennis teaching groups is made at the age from 5 to 8, adults can visit group lessons from 18 years old.

Every year tennis club holds high level “Sheriff Cup” tennis tournaments in various age categories. These tournaments allow big tennis lovers to improve their skills, and for professional sportsmen they are excellent preparation for international tournaments and competitions.

The “Sheriff” tennis club is equipped with all necessary for holding competitive and training processes. At the club territory there are spacious women and men dressing-rooms with shower cubicles that allow sportsmen to prepare for trainings in comfortable conditions. The “Sheriff” tennis club bar with open terrace allows you to rest after training and enjoy tastes of all sorts of tonic drinks. Near tennis club there are parkings for sportsmen convenience.

The “Sheriff” tennis club gives a possibility for all comers to lease tennis courts.

For detailed information apply directly to the manager-coordinator of the “Sheriff” sports complex:
tel: +373 533 63-410, e-mail: coord@sheriff-sport.com


“Sheriff” sports complex is always welcomes it’s guests!


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Tennis courts Tennis courts Tennis courts Tennis courts Tennis courts Tennis courts Tennis courts Tennis courts Tennis courts Tennis courts Tennis courts Tennis courts


The contact information

тел:   +373 533 63-530
факс: +373 533 63-541

e-mail: office@fc-sheriff.com
tennis: +737 (533) 63-777
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