"I hope “Sheriff” will achieve big successes in European club tournaments one day"

FIFA President J. Blatter

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Quite famous persons in football world became visitors of the “Sheriff” sports complex in different time. All of them highly estimated complex work and its workers. The FIFA President, Joseph Sepp Blatter, said, having visited the “Sheriff” sports complex:

“I know “Sheriff” is young club. I hope “Sheriff” will achieve big successes in European club tournaments one day. Such relationship with football economy will allow the team to reach high levels”.


The UEFA President, Michelle Platini, was more emotional in the merit rating than his predecessor on the FIFA president post:

“Bravo “Sheriff”!!! This is wonderful sports complex. Ah! If I was young!”


The sports complex also received warm words from trainers of numerous teams have played on its grounds. Here are some:

“I have an impression that I am on other PLANET. Thank you for these feelings, hospitality, respect. I wish you PEACE on your land and let everything you planned comes true”.

Alexander Zavarov, the trainer of “Arsenal” (Kyiv)


“I have been in tens of countries, have seen hundreds of football bases, but I haven’t seen such developed infrastructure. Everything here is subordinated to one aim – the training of highly skilled football players. Dwelling, meals, grounds quality in total with well-wished professional workers create ideal conditions for football players. Thank all!”

Oleg Romantsev


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