"I hope “Sheriff” will achieve big successes in European club tournaments one day"

FIFA President J. Blatter


Jul 21, 2012

Return of the UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions LeagueOn July 24th, at the main arena of sports complex “Sheriff”, in the second qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League, will be held a deciding game for the next round of the prestigious European club tournament. The team of FC “Sheriff” is awaiting the visit of the champion of Armenia, FC Uliss from Yerevan. The meeting will be served by referees under the direction of the chief arbiter, Serbian Vlado Glodzhovicha.

After a minimal victory in the first match at the Stadium of Yerevan “Respublikanski”, the 11 times a champion of Moldova has a good chance to get around in the tournament of the debutant UEFA Champions League.

Despite the hot summer weather, the lawn of the main sports arena is in perfect condition and ready for a game of the highest quality.

This season, the main arena of sports complex “Sheriff” has already welcomed official matches of the National Football Division Championship of Moldova. The games held proved the arena to be 100% ready for football games, and showed the professionalism of the well trained personnel.

The match between “Sheriff” (Tiraspol) and “Uliss” (Yerevan) will begin at 20:00 in local time. Ticket costs start from 10 rubles and can be bought in the shops of “Fanat“, supermarkets of “Sheriff” and the sports complex box office.

Ticket costs range from 10 to 80 rubles.


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