"I hope “Sheriff” will achieve big successes in European club tournaments one day"

FIFA President J. Blatter


Mar 2, 2012

The season continues!

On March 3rd, at the sports complex “Sheriff”, the matches of Moldova’s National Division championship of football will be renewed. After the winter break, the first to try out the artificial turf of the indoor arena of sports complex “Sheriff” in the official match of Moldova 2011 – 2012 are to be FC Tiraspol and “CSCA-Rapid” from Ghidighici. The teams have already met each other this season. In last year’s match in Ghidighici, the winner was FC “Tiraspol”. In the off-season, clubs led an active transfer policy. The teams grew stronger thanks to new players and underwent major changes, increasing interest in the match, which begins March 3rd at 17:00.

The administration of Sports Complex “Sheriff” invites everyone to the opening of the match of the second part of the championship.

Also, within the 18 tours of the National Division Championship of Moldova for football, the following matches will be held:

Olympia (Beltsi) – Dacia (Chisinau)
Iskra-Stal (Rybnitsa) – Milsami-Ursidos (Orgeev)
Costuleni (Costuleni) – Sheriff (Tiraspol)
Zimbru (Chisinau) – Nistru (Ataki)
St. George (Surucheny) – Academy-UTM (Chisinau)


The contact information

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