"I hope “Sheriff” will achieve big successes in European club tournaments one day"

FIFA President J. Blatter


Mar 22, 2012

Cup of “Shkola Myacha” (School of the Ball)

School of the BallOn March 23rd at the sports complex “Sheriff” will be held the official opening of the international tournament “Cup of Shkola Myacha (School of the Ball)”, among youth born in 1998. In the fight for the prestigious trophy will participate 5 teams: “Sheriff” (Tiraspol), “Dynamo” (Kiev, Ukraine), “St. George” (Surucheny, Moldova), “Shinnik” (Yaroslavl, Russia) and “Shkola Myacha” (Moscow , Russia).

The tournament is organized thanks to the initiative of the team “Shkola Myacha“, which has already visited the sports complex “Sheriff”. Inspired by the provided accommodations, training and game play process; the Muscovites proposed to the sports complex the organization of this international tournament.

Under the rules of the competition, teams will play a round robin with each of the opponents. The tournament will last until March 27.

To reach a wider audience for the international youth tournament, the sports complex will organize an online broadcasting of all matches of the team “Sheriff”.


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