"I hope “Sheriff” will achieve big successes in European club tournaments one day"

FIFA President J. Blatter


Aug 2, 2011

Tickets for Sheriff – Zimbru (renewed)

Федерация футбола МолдовыThe entrance on the “Sheriff” – “Zimbru” match, which will take place on Saturday, August, 6th, on the SC “Sheriff” small arena on 7 p. m., will be paid. Tickets are on sale from today. They can be bought in “Fanat” retail network. Ticket value for any sector (except VIP) is only 8 (eight) rubles PMR. For VIP-sector the price will be 50 (fifty) rubles.


The FC “SHERIFF” administration announcement:

Dear fans!

As you already know, from this year we began to work actively in a direction of cooperating closer relations with our fans, also we optimize our work on involving new football fans to our team home matches. Meetings with fans where all who wish can talk not only about successes but discuss all interesting problems with team and team management, will be regular and opened for everyone.

We perfectly understand that we can grow up as professional club only together with you, and we will do our best to strengthen relations with fans of all ages.

Until recently FC “Sheriff” was the only one club in National Division which played home matches without levying an entrance fee for games. However, life realities make us return to conventional practice. Starting from the match against “Zimbru” from Kishinev, the entrance for team home matches will be paid in this situation, however, we took into account all possible conditions and made it minimal in order to our fans budget would not suffer. Besides, before long we will introduce few bonus systems with the help of which you could much more cut down your expenses, and the most active fans would have possibility to enjoy defined privileges.

We know for sure that we can reach the highest goals only together. Therefore, all actions of club management are concentrated exclusively on things, thanks to which You, Dear fans, feel yourself on the “Sheriff” sports complex Arenas like home.

Plan of the Small arena


The contact information

тел:   +373 533 63-530
факс: +373 533 63-541

e-mail: office@fc-sheriff.com
tennis: +737 (533) 63-777
pool:   +737 (533) 63-888