"I hope “Sheriff” will achieve big successes in European club tournaments one day"

FIFA President J. Blatter

Organization of training camp on the SC "Sheriff"


Apr 2, 2012

Spring Tiraspol – 2012

SC Sheriff No image On April 3rd at the sports complex "Sheriff" begins the traditional international youth tournament "Spring Tiraspol - 2012" among youth born in 1999. For the prestigious trophy, four teams will Read more

Mar 22, 2012

Cup of “Shkola Myacha” (School of the Ball)

SC Sheriff No image On March 23rd at the sports complex "Sheriff" will be held the official opening of the international tournament "Cup of Shkola Myacha (School of the Ball)", among youth born in 1998. Read more

Mar 20, 2012

Representative international tournament

SC Sheriff No image On past Sunday, March 18th, at the Sports Complex "Sheriff" the most representative international junior tournament in its history came to an end. Read more

Mar 2, 2012

The season continues!

SC Sheriff No image On March 3rd, at the sports complex "Sheriff", the matches of Moldova’s National Division championship of football will be renewed. After the winter break, the first to try out the artificial turf Read more

Essence about us

The construction of the “Sheriff” sports complex began on August, 1st, 2000. The ‘Sheriff’ sports complex, according to company leaders plans, should become a base for development of professional football.

The presence of such base would allow professional football clubs to train, spend training camps and hold international tournaments of high level.


The contact information

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e-mail: info@sheriff-sport.com
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