"I hope “Sheriff” will achieve big successes in European club tournaments one day"

FIFA President J. Blatter


Sep 5, 2011

The Youth National team debut on Euro – 2013

The first match of Euro – 2013 U-21 elimination cycle took place on the “Sheriff” sports complex small arena on September, 1st. The National team of Moldova resisted to terrible rival in the name of the silver prize-winner of last World Championship – Portuguese National team in debut game.

The small arena of the “Sheriff” sports complex and its personnel passed the exam on carrying out the match of such high international class with merit. The professional level of game organization, conditions of stay and well-developed infrastructure of the complex were estimated at its true value not only by national teams’ players and coaches, but a Slovenian brigade of arbiters.

The UEFA match inspector, Cypriot Kostas Kapitanis, and also a delegate from Andorra, Jordy Pascual, stated the fact that the “Sheriff” sports complex small arena executed all UEFA recommendations on carrying out matches of such level and the game turned out as the sports complex – very impressive.

The match came to an end with a victory of visitors with the score 2:0. The resistance of Moldavian National team was broken down in a second half by Joao Pereira and Rui Forte.


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