"I hope “Sheriff” will achieve big successes in European club tournaments one day"

FIFA President J. Blatter


Feb 13, 2012

We continue to welcome guests

The sports Complex “Sheriff” continues to receive guests in the off-season. This is how the highly developed infrastructure of European class was assessed by the Moscow football team “Shkola Myacha” (School of the Ball), that conducted sessions at our sports complex from the 3rd of January to the 12th. The football players were pleased with the high quality level of organization of the training process and leisure, as well as living conditions.

“When we arrived at the base of ‘Sheriff’, for a moment, we thought we were in a fairy tale.” The 40 square meter rooms had huge beds, showers, individual air conditioners and included a fridge, kettle and television with satellite TV.
Table tennis, saunas open any time, specially equipped classrooms for theory lessons and soccer fields, are all available in abundance.

The football players laconically summed up the results of the sessions held at the Sports Complex “Sheriff”.

“Super! The infrastructure is simply stunning!”

In the spring, the sports complex “Sheriff” is expected to be visited by four more youth teams.

From March 21st to April 4th, the teams, “Megasphere-95” (Moscow), “Shkola Myacha” (Moscow), “Lokomotiv” (St. Petersburg) and “Zenit” (St. Petersburg) will conduct their sessions on the complex’s grounds. All the teams will stay in a residential area with room for 200 guests, located right in the sports complex “Sheriff”, which, coupled with the close proximity of training fields, makes the sports complex an ideal place for off-season sessions for football clubs of the highest rank.

In addition to training sessions, from February to April of this year, the sports complex “Sheriff” will host the traditional junior tournaments.

From February 20th until the 28th, the following teams, consisting of players born in 1997, will compete for “The Winter Cup of Sheriff-2012″: “Sheriff” (Tiraspol), “Metallurg” (Zaporozhye, Ukraine), “Sevastopol” (Sevastopol, Ukraine), “Chernomorets” (Odessa, Ukraine), “School of Sports № 3” (Orel, Russia) and “Dacia -Buiucani”(Chisinau, Moldova).
From March 12th until the 18th, players born in 1998 will compete for the cup of “Spring Tiraspol – 2012”.  The participants of this tournament will be 8 teams: “Sheriff” (Tiraspol), “Metallurg” (Zaporozhye, Ukraine), “Metalist” (Kharkiv, Ukraine), “Shahtyer” (Donetsk, Ukraine), “Dnepr” (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine) “School of Sports № 3” (Orel, Russia), “Khimki” (Moscow reg., Russia), and “Burevestnik” (Moscow, Russia).
From the 2nd to the 8th of April, the sports complex “Sheriff” will have the tournament of youth born in 1999, “Spring Tiraspol – 2012”, the participants of which will be determined later.


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