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May 11, 2011

The tournament “the Waltz of Victory” was held in Tiraspol

The ballroom dancing Euro Cup came to the end in Tiraspol. 600 participants from Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Czech Republic, Israel came to the town on Dniester. Ballroom dancing is the most beautiful and spectacular kind of dances.

the Waltz of Victory the Waltz of Victory

The tournament “the Waltz of Victory” consisted of two programs: European (standard) and Latin American (latina). In the European program of ballroom dancing the contact between man and women is more compact and it performs by hands and right body statement. It continues during the whole dance. In the Latin American program of ballroom dancing the contact is more free, it performs by coupled hands. It may be lost or heighten by hand balances and other figures.

The European program is: the English (slow) waltz, tango, the Vienneze waltz, slow foxtrot and quickstep (fast foxtrot). The Latin American program is: samba, cha-cha-cha, rumba, paso doble and jive.

The most famous and romantic ballroom dancing is the Waltz. It appeared thanks to many dances of different nations of Europe. Today there are following varieties of the Waltz: the Vienneze waltz, the French waltz, the English waltz.

The Waltz, especially with closed positions, became a model for creating many other ballroom dancing. Rhythms, music, fashion are changing but the Waltz will always be one of the most favorite dances in the whole world.

The pair from Odessa Angelina Markina and Alexander Dermentli was the best in their category. They performed the latina program and won the Cup. In the category “Adults” the Cup got dancers from Ilyichevsk Igor and Tatyana Kuzmenko.


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