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FIFA President J. Blatter


Aug 4, 2012

Moscow’s “Dina” visiting the sports complex

The well known Russian mini football team has completed training sessions at the sports complex “Sheriff”. The highly developed infrastructure of European class was evaluated by Moscow’s mini-football team, “Dina”, while holding sessions at our Sports Complex from July 22nd to August 3rd. Due to the unique features of the sports complex “Sheriff”, for the first time in its history, “Dina” held a joint session of the primary squad and transfers.

The close proximity of the training football field to the residential complex, allowed the team “Dina” to hold sessions twice a day, every day. This positive aspect was noted by football player Sergei Abramov:

-“In the mornings we practice on the football field and in the evenings we move into the hall. There are excellent working conditions here, so far everything is great.”

The players also ate at the sports complex and were more than pleased with the high level of service and the food offered.
Dina’s Nikita Zinoviev:

“The food here is great! The portions are often more than we can eat. A dish that stood out was the chicken cutlet, topped with pineapples and melted cheese.”

In addition to training, the players of “Dina” were able to attend two games of qualifying rounds of the UEFA Champions League with FC “Sheriff”, which added a certain variety in the training process.

Also, the main squad of the mini-football club “Dina”, and the transfer team conducted a series of sparring with the champion of Moldova, team “Lexmax” and the national team. The high level of the sparring partners helped secure the desired result of the training sessions, which was noted by the new head trainer of the well known Russian team.

The results of sessions were drawn in an interview with the team’s player Roman Glavatskih:

 – “Conditions on “Sheriff’s” base were perfect. To walk across the whole territory proved difficult. A lot of things but especially the number of modern football fields impressed us. I think none of the Russian football clubs has such a base as does “Sheriff”.”

There was always variety in the training process.


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